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Is anything basic in security?

A recent trip to Seattle, Washington reminded me how easy it is to help people everywhere and we want to do just that. There are so many organizations who don’t realize how financially exposed and unprepared they are for a crisis.

This could range from a simple evacuation due to a fire to violent person endangering people at your church or business. Just because you have evacuation maps throughout your building or hidden in an employee manual doesn’t mean you are prepared. To be truly prepared you should regularly review your plan with your staff/volunteers and run realistic hands-on drills. When we do this, it includes having some people hide at strategic places that other people must find and this is just for starters. What if the reason you must evacuate your building is because of an earthquake, tornado or gas leak explosion? In these situations, your exit routes may be blocked, lights may not work and the air may be filled with smoke or dust. What is most important about planning and training for these emergencies is understanding that people are likely to get very disoriented or worst panic. When this happens, they endanger themselves and those around them which can be minimized through top quality training. All of this is just discussing evacuation procedures let alone having a violent person in your church or business.

I frequently hear concerns from organizations that they don’t want too much security out of fear of offending people or wasting resources and I agree. Just like so many other things we need balance. While we in the United States don’t need guys standing outside most of our businesses or churches in bulletproof vests holding rifles but we also need to be wise and discuss the facts. The facts are that almost all mass shooting have occurred in “Gun Free Zones” because most active shooters are cowards. Their biggest fear is people standing up against them with effective training. This means that we need to consider allowing well trained people whether they are staff or volunteers to help protect the people in our buildings. This training must go far beyond a Concealed Carry Permit. When I say this many of you immediately said, “Absolutely Not” which I understand. This is a very sensitive topic that we will discuss in greater depth later but we need to pause and consider the alternative. Consider what happened in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado or in the office building in San Bernardo, California or at the church during a prayer meeting of only 12 people in Charleston, South Carolina where 9 people were killed in a shooting that lasted 6 minutes. A 5-year-old girl was spared because she played dead while the 21-year-old shooter only stopped when he ran out of ammo after reloading his pistol 5 times.

When it comes to effective security it is anything but simple and failure to effectively prepare drastically increases the likelihood of huge lawsuits because in 2018 we must be prepared. There are many things to consider, plan for and to train for and that is why we are here for you. You have an organization to run to stay focused on that let us do for you what we have done for so many organizations large and small. Our programs are custom designed to fit your needs and concerns, we don’t just sell you another book or do-it-yourself manual.

Take the first step right now before you answer another text or email by contacting us at or 330.237.7961.

Jerry Vacha – Security First Training And Consulting

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